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James Barrett — Unitarian Universalist Reproductive Justice Activist

Note – this is the text for a short talk that I gave on 31 August 2014 as part of a worship service for All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana.  The podcast audio recording for this can be … Continue reading

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The “Streisand effect” and sexual harassment allegations

On 8 August 2013, Dr. Ronald A. Lindsay (President and CEO of the Center for Inquiry aka “CFI”) sent a letter to Scientific American asking them to correct an article about a workplace sexual harassment situation written by Dr. Karen … Continue reading

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Why E. J. Dionne Is Wrong on Contraceptives and Health Care Reform

The Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne is frequently cited as a progressive Catholic who condemns the recent Obama Administration announcement to require all employers (except exclusively religious bodies) to offer contraceptive insurance coverage as part of comprehensive preventive care.  … Continue reading

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“Special Rights” for Religions When They Operate Secular Businesses? No!!

First, I will say that religious institutions (e.g. churches, mosques, synagogues, other places of worship, seminaries, etc) do have exemptions from the laws that secular non-profits don’t have. Religious organizations can discriminate on the basis of religion in hiring and … Continue reading

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Contraceptive Health Care and “Religious Freedom” Arguments … Or Facts Trump Theology

The bulk of this article uses research compiled for an article published by the Guttmacher Institute (“The Case for Insurance Coverage of Contraceptive Services And Supplies Without Cost-Sharing“). The 2010 health care reform law (“Affordable Care Act” or ACA) requires private … Continue reading

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For the atheist/freethinker bloggers and commenters who are throwing around sexist epithets …

I hope you’re not planning to apply for a job in the future: Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle A year-old start-up, Social Intelligence, scrapes the Internet for everything prospective employees may have said or done online in … Continue reading

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Behavioral Covenants and Atheist Meetings

A behavioral covenant is an all-around good idea that will help prevent harmful incidents and will allow appropriate responses when harmful incidents do happen. Unitarian Universalists have known this for years.  We use them in workshop and conference settings to … Continue reading

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