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The “Netflixing” of American Politics

One of the criticisms commonly made towards US politics is the two-party system and how some voters complain that they don’t have a candidate that lines up closely with their values. This is what I call the “Netflixing” of American … Continue reading

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“Out of the Closet” Billboard — Freedom From Religion Foundation

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Some time-saving tips for internet discussions

There are many catchphrases and slang words that one hears on the internet and in the wider use outside the internet.  Some of these slang words are creative and lead to improved communication. These words listed below are used by many to marginalize … Continue reading

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James Barrett — Unitarian Universalist Reproductive Justice Activist

Note – this is the text for a short talk that I gave on 31 August 2014 as part of a worship service for All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana.  The podcast audio recording for this can be … Continue reading

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A Response to “Public Education and Intelligent Design” (Part 1)

On 30 April 2014, Unitarian Universalist minister Rev. Dan Harper mentioned a paper by philosopher Thomas Nagel on his blog — “A possible case for teaching intelligent design” is the title of the blog post and the Nagel’s paper is “Public … Continue reading

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Conservatism Limiting the Growth of Atheism??

I have my doubts about small government libertarian conservative politics if we want to grow atheism and free-thought in the United States.  Recently, the questions surrounding atheism and conservative politics came up in connection to American Atheists President David Silverman … Continue reading

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The “Streisand effect” and sexual harassment allegations

On 8 August 2013, Dr. Ronald A. Lindsay (President and CEO of the Center for Inquiry aka “CFI”) sent a letter to Scientific American asking them to correct an article about a workplace sexual harassment situation written by Dr. Karen … Continue reading

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