Moving Congregation’s Website to WordPress – Move is Complete!!

I’ve completed the migration of my Unitarian Universalist congregation’s web site content from Movable Type to WordPress tonight.

Instead of doing the easy export-import from one blogging/CMS system to another, I used this opportunity to clean out old and obsolete content along with reorganizing content by using a combination of posts and static pages.

The newly redesigned website can be found here:

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana

I had a minor problem tonight.  I could find the redesigned church website using the domain name.  But it would give me a “400 Bad Request” error if I tried to view the new website using,

I called Yahoo Small Business internet hosting services to have their tech support look at this for me.  They were able to resolve the problem in less than 30 minutes after I called them.

There are some minor issues that will need updating in the next few months … updating some of the static content, getting photos of the staff persons, adding more information on our minister to the web site, etc.

But I now have a better infrastructure for content management for our congregation’s website.

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